Paul Massey, a forty-something bloke based in Sheffield, UK, is the driving force behind "the DustRoom," a name synonymous with his diverse creative pursuits over the past 25 years. Alongside his passion for motorcycling and Ducati bikes, Paul owns 3studio, a prominent film & TV studio in Sheffield where he has worked with post-production for various TV programmes and feature films.

Paul's musical journey began in 1994, experimenting with analogue gear under other aliases. Also a seasoned DJ, he held a regular House Music slot on the old Freakin internet radio station, showcasing his versatile taste and skill.

In 2024, Paul revived his musical passion, drawing inspiration from his guitar and bass jam sessions during pandemic lockdowns to create a fresh sound as "the DustRoom."

His influence extends to collaborations with clothing and energy drink brands, highlighted by his almost 15,000 followers on Instagram, reflecting his impact in motorcycle, lifestyle and music circles.

A poignant moment in Paul's career was his creation of a DJ set to honour the fallen warrior, Keith Flint of The Prodigy, which he performed live on the first anniversary of Keith Flint's death. This tribute underscored Paul's deep connection to music and its power to resonate emotionally with audiences.

Driven by his deep connection to his moniker "the DustRoom," Paul continues to shape his creative legacy, blending his love for music, film, and motorcycling into a dynamic and enduring journey of artistic expression.

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